An Ohio Dealer Is Selling the New Giulia QV Just In Time For Christmas

Alfa Romeo’s new super sedan is finally on sale at a dealer in the United States. This is a big moment for the entire car community as Alfa’s return, which has been teased for years, is finally upon us. The Giulia ushers in a new age for the brand and the option for American’s to purchase an Italian performance car that doesn’t cost more than a college education. Although the press drives for the new Giulia have just ended a dealer in Youngstown Ohio is already selling the first example of the high-performance Giulia QV.

The dealership has gracefully included an $8,000 markup to go with this very early example of the Giulia QV. The car comes in Rosso Red to remind you of its Italian heritage, and promises to make car enthusiasts across the country jealous as this highly anticipated car is finally here. We know the new Giulia performs well in short term testing and track time but Alfa’s hardest test is yet to come.

The brand’s greatest weakness is their reputation for horrible long-term reliability and the general theme of not working. Since modern cars across the board are more reliable I have very high hopes for Alfa and think they will be able to succeed. I just hope their inability to hold any long term value is still available since I don’t have $80,000 to buy my own.

While we wait for more of these cars to reach our shores let’s remember why we should be excited for the return of Alfa Romeo to the US.


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