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2018 Mustang Receives A Facelift, Or Is It A Frown?

Another year, another car getting a mid-cycle refresh. For 2018, the sixth generation Mustang that we’ve grown to love is receiving a new face. But did we really want one to begin with? We really like the current one.

The new face sports a frowny, Zoolander-ish, Blue Steel look. The headlights have been revamped to give a more smoldering squinty face, while the gaping maw has received the opposite of a facelift. The rest of the front fascia has gone away from the aggressive look of the existing model. Instead it now resembles a massive overbite, while looking generally goofy and bloated.

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What do you think of this new Mustang? Will the facelift make you want to buy it? Because it makes us want to buy whatever is left on the dealer lots. Snap them up while you can.



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