James May Has An Uncanny Ability To Put You To Sleep

The Grand Tour Boys have been really busy lately. Not only do they have The Grand Tour itself to run but they also have their own side business called Drivetribe. On top of that they regularly write columns, like this one here written by Jeremy Clarkson on The Sunday Times. James May might just be a lot more busy compared to the other two because he has another show called The Reassembler.

In that show, James May meticulously puts together mundane objects that have been disassembled and organized in a knolling arrangement. In this episode, fully available on YouTube, he reassembles a Honda Z50 Minitrail “Monkey Bike”. The bike is made up of over 300 individual parts, some as small as the bike’s tiny ball bearings.

The episode can be highly entertaining if you’re into May’s soothing voice and factual documentaries. We suggest you watching this in the comfort of your own bed, rather than the office. You might just fall asleep.

(Source: The Reassembler)


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