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Can You Handle A 600 Horsepower M4?

The BMW M4 is now the darling of the tuner community. Switching from the high-revving V8 in the previous generation M3 to the new Twin turbo straight 6 was a controversial decision. However, the tune-ability of the new straight 6 has unlocked a huge amount of power potential. From an ECU tune to turbo upgrades, the new M4 can produce some insane numbers. Today Matt Farah drives one of the nuttiest M4 builds yet. A 600 horsepower M4 the madmen at European Auto Source built that can obliterate any road.

In stock form, the M4 is fast. In fact, with only 425 horsepower, a stock M4 can sprint to 60 in only 3.7 seconds. With a reflashed ECU, larger turbos, and some other performance parts, 600 horsepower is easily achievable. Even though it lacks the character of the previous generation, BMW owners can dry their tears with forced induction acceleration. The engine’s ability to handle this extra power is impressive. Turing up the boost hasn’t harmed the engine which gladly takes the extra power. Even more impressive, the stock dual clutch transmission can handle the extra 175 horsepower without modifications.

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In addition to the newfound horsepower, the EAS M4 has other important upgrades. To start, the front bucket seats have been replaced with fixed back carbon fiber Sparco racing seats. The suspension has been upgraded with Moton Clubsport Coilovers to aid in flatter cornering and better stability on the track. To ensure you can stop this extra power, massive Sparta Evolution 6-piston brakes have been added. To top it all off, an Akrapovic exhaust and complete carbon fiber aero package makes sure you get noticed.

The EAS M4 might be too much car for the road but it’s still an incredible machine that we want badly. Cars like the EAS M4 take a lot of skill to control. It’s amazing that anyone with an M4 and some money can own a beast like this. Even though M4 is heavier and sounds worse than its predecessor, its tunability adds a new dimension to BMWs super saloon. Making a fast car like the M4 even faster in an endeavor we can all support. I miss the high revving V8 dearly but it’s nothing some massive turbos can’t solve.


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