What They Did To Rebuild This Ford Flathead V8 Is Absolutely Incredible

Rebuilding engines is a beautiful thing to watch. It takes dozens of man hours, highly skilled technicians, and knowledge that not many mortals possess. If it were up to me, engine rebuilding would be a competitive sport. Someone should make that happen, right?

Many engine builders and rebuilders have thousands of videos across the internet showcasing their talents. Sadly, most engine build videos are too long or aren’t very engaging, resulting in not much recognition. The below video, however, is from Hagerty and is none of those things. This time-lapse of their shop rebuilding a Ford Flathead V8 is something to behold. Time-lapse is an incredible tool and they managed to cram 40,000 pictures and six days worth of work into a six and half minute video.

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This is one you’re going to want to share with your drinking buddies.


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