Australian Road Crew Puts Everyone To Shame And Builds Three Miles Of Brand New Road In Two Days.

I live in New Jersey. If you’ve ever driven in New Jersey you know that our roads are under a constant state of construction. Whether it’s on the highway or on back roads, there’s always something being fixed. Mainly, it’s due to the drastic seasonal weather changes here. Our climate can go from -15 degrees all the way up to 100+ degrees (in Fahrenheit), so it takes a toll on the roads.

So when our state gets a road repaired, it seems to take an eternity. There are also other factors at play including unions, working times, traffic patterns, and things I’m probably not even privy to. However, these things shouldn’t hold up progress for years on a small stretch of road. That’s what driving in NJ feels like. This makes what you’re about to see all the more impressive.

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In the town of Moora, Australia (about 110 miles north or Perth), a road crew has quite literally put every DOT project to shame with their skill and precision. The crews recently upgraded the Airstrip Road traveling through Moora which was a $335,000 upgrade. So what is so special about all this? Check out how they did it and the speed with which they did it. This is truly mindblowing.

I don’t know about you, but I’d want these guys to repave my town and state immediately. Hey NJDOT, you hiring?


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