Motorcycle Crash Ends With Rider Sitting On The Trunk Of A Car

We don’t typically chuckle at motorcycle crashes as they don’t typically end well. But we ended up spitting out whatever was in our mouths this morning when we saw this motorcycle accident captured on a dash cam. Basically, the driver of the Acura TSX was going at a very fast velocity before quickly slamming on the brakes. The motorcyclist followed behind at about the same speed but did not notice that the TSX had slowed down. The resulting crash threw the rider on the trunk of the sedan where he hung on for another eighth of a mile or so.

Afterward the rider was visibly furious as he paced back and forth and waving his arms. We’re not sure why he was so angry as there was nothing anyone could do and that HE was the one who rear ended the sedan. But upon closer inspection, we don’t think the TSX actually had functioning tail lights, as it did not light up at any time. We’re just glad the accident was not more serious than it was, and in the least we and the rest of the internet got a great laugh out of it

(Source: YouTube)


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