Donald Trump Just Told GM To Build Cars In The USA Or Else. GM’s Response? “Umm, We Already Do.”

It’s the new year and it’s taken no time at all for Donald Trump to take on General Motors after Trump took on Ford in late 2016.

Let’s be perfectly clear, we’re not here to debate politics or take sides, so let’s not talk about that. We’re here to report the news. Automakers are tightly tied to the government in many ways and it’s important to report on what’s happening between the two from time to time. With Donald Trump in office, things may change drastically and rapidly for automakers in the near future given his views on business.

So with that in mind, here’s the latest. Trump, as he so often does, sent out a tweet that was aimed directly at GM saying they need to build their cars in the USA or else they shall be forced to pay a hefty border tax.

This is relevant because Trump and his administration, along with a majority Republican Congress and Senate have the power to sway a lot of votes and policies their way. But the twist here? GM kinda, sorta, already, maybe, probably, definitely makes Cruzes here in the states.

President-elect Donald Trump sent out a tweet Tuesday morning threatening to tax General Motors for manufacturing abroad.

In a statement, however, GM said most Chevy Cruze vehicles sold in the US were manufactured in Ohio. It added that the company produced an international version of the Cruze, the model to which Trump was most likely referring, in Mexico and did sell some of those vehicles in the US.

“GM builds the Chevrolet Cruze hatchback for global markets in Mexico, with a small number sold in the US,” GM said.

So a vast majority of Chevy Cruze vehicles that reach US consumers are actually made in the US. Someone in his camp needs to get him the correct information not only because he will be president, but because GM shares dropped approximately 1% after that tweet was sent out.

Personally, if Trump REALLY wants to make people squirm, repeal the god damn 25-year import ban and let me get some sweet European automotive action. That will totally solve this problem.


(Source: Business Insider)


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