Ford Executive Just Put A Nasty Bronco Rumor To Rest For Good

Ford’s bombshell announcement at the North American International Auto Show this past week was the return of the Bronco and Ranger to the US market. It was long rumored, but now it is confirmed. We will be getting them back.

There have been some extra rumors and concerns regarding the Bronco that have been troubling the masses and fans of this return. Many thought the Bronco would come back as a reworked Ford Everest which is sold in Australia. That SUV is a 4-door which the original Bronco was not. Thankfully, this seems to not be the case as one Ford executive has revealed.

Ford’s president of the Americas Joe Hinrichs gives us a hint what to expect.

Speaking to reporters at the Automotive News World Congress in Detroit, Hinrichs said the Bronco will be “true to its heritage,” meaning we can expect an off-road-capable SUV. The executive wouldn’t give details on the Bronco’s design or confirm whether it would have two or four doors, but did say, “You’ll recognize it as a Bronco.”

Like the rendering above, that probably means 2-doors, offroading goodness, and a look that could be an Explorer or Everest or some combination of the both. Either way we are excited to see what this new Bronco will look like. Here’s the full Ford announcement from NAIAS

(Source: Motor Trend)


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