Honda Proves It Still Cares About Hardcore Enthusiasts. Not Everyone Will Be Able To Drive The Type R

Name one exciting Honda vehicle. Anyone? The Honda NSX doesn’t count unless you’re outside of America and neither does the Honda S2000 because it’s not produced anymore. Minus the Civic Si, Honda is just one model and trim away from being the dullest automotive company in existence. Not even Toyota is this boring anymore.

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Well that’s about to stop because as we all know the Honda Civic Type-R is almost here. With that arrival there has been a lot of rumors about its transmission. Will it have a manual? Will it be available as an automatic? Will it have a CVT, just like every manufacturer out there trying to get as much market share as possible? Thanks to the folks at Car And Driver they’ve confirmed that Honda still cares about its Type-R and enthusiast fan base. Not everyone will be able to walk up to the Type-R and just drive home.

Two Honda spokesmen confirmed to us that the Civic Type R will be offered only with a six-speed manual, as God and the spirit of Soichiro Honda intended. U.S. senior PR manager Sage Marie further clarified: “Si and Type R are the Civics most aimed at the purist driver and maximizing engagement. More details will be available in the coming months.” You can read, without interpolating, that the Civic Si won’t get a CVT, either.

THANK YOU, HONDA! for rekindling whatever excitement is left in your product line. While companies like Subaru is releasing WRXs with CVTs and Volkswagen is making the DSG available for their GTI and Golf R, it’s nice to see a company cater exclusively to those who love being engaged in the act of driving. The Civic Type-R and its turbo’d powerplant pushing over 300 horsepower should become available to Americans later this year.

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(Source: Car And Driver)


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