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Mustang Seconds Away From Train Crash. What Bystanders Did Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Winter poses so many hazards for driving. Just recently we posted about a double trailer losing control while going downhill, and not too long ago we saw a near 100 car pileup occur in a Canadian Highway. Now we’re seeing another instance where winter can rear its ugly head.

In this video, KATU News captured footage of a fourth generation Ford Mustang crossing over some railroad tracks. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough momentum from the rear-wheel drive car to plow through the crossing. Just like all automotive horror stories, the Mustang got stuck right in the middle of the tracks.

The track services the MAX lines, a train service based in Portland, Oregon. When the Mustang got stuck, the train was just seconds away from a potential devastating impact.


According to KATU News:

“We saw a red mustang coming down the road. It was fishtailing a little bit. It got to that stop light up there. It went to go across those max tracks and got stuck,” said Andrew Rasmussen.

Rasmussen is a physical therapy student at Clarkson College. He watched with his mentors at Laurelhurst Physical Therapy to see what would happen to this red mustang stuck on MAX lines.

“Rear wheel drive, real low sports car, yeah probably not the best to be on these kind of roads,” he said.

Right when the mustang got stuck, four men rushed in to push the stranded driver.

“About four or five people rocked the car to get it off the tracks in about 10 to 15 seconds before the max came by,” said Rasmussen.

Thank goodness for these good samaritans for rescuing the Mustang and restoring our faith in humanity. Let this be a reminder to everyone that has to drive through these winter conditions: 1. Don’t drive unless you have to 2. If you have to drive make sure you are using winter or all-season tires 3. Take your time, unless you’re going over ruts and train tracks.

(Source: KATU News)


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