1965 Mustang Transformed Into A 1,000 Horsepower Beast Called ‘Vicious’

Jay Leno’s Garage just featured a car that might be a controversial topic for Mustang lovers everywhere. What started out as a very clean and pristine 1965 Mustang coupe has been torn down to the cowl. Not a lot of people have the guts to tear down something that is already a classic, but Jason Pecikonis from Timeless Kustoms in Southern California decided to transform the Coupe to a Fastback design. He and his team put over 10,000 hours into ‘Vicious’, putting fresh sheetmetal all over the place.

The flared fenders, vents, and extremely wide body has radically changed the styling of the 65 Mustang. As for the Vicious’ heart, it contains a totally new Ford Coyote 5.1 liter V8 engine harvested from the modern day Mustang, unlike this sacrilegious build where a someone put in a Camaro engine in his Mustang. Bolted to the Coyote are two 68 mm turbochargers AND a Magnussen 2.3 liter supercharger. The compound boosted car operates on 26 lbs of boost consistently, producing an astonishing 1,000 horsepower from the lightweight aluminum engine block.

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The interior has also been transformed viciously. It has been entirely replaced with an all red interior. Even the pedals, steering wheel, and the sequential gearbox paddles all have the same shade of red. Breaking up all of the red are the iPad like digital dash and rudimentary button-tastic switches.

Jay doesn’t take the Vicious for a ride, unfortunately, but you can take a look at the video below detailing all parts of the car. A lot of hard work has been applied to this ‘Stang and it doesn’t look like they spared any expenses. It’s awesome to see someone with close attention to detail and dedication, completely transform a classic into a very modern beastly muscle car. This will surely brew up some controversy for Mustang lovers everywhere, and we want to hear your thoughts about it.

(Source: Jay Leno’s Garage)


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