Richard Hammond, World’s Shortest Man, Rides A Very Tall Bike

The Grand Tour has been going full steam ahead, but let’s not forget Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May also has another side job: Drivetribe. They have built a website designed for congregating people with unique automotive tastes. Like tire stretching? There’s a Drivetribe for you. Think of it like as Reddit but hyper-focused on cars. Or better yet, think of Carthrottle but imagine it was funded with a lot more money and a lot more star power. Case in point, Richard Hammond and his Drivetribe: Hammond’s Fob Jockeys

World’s Shortest Man Rides A Tall Bike

In the video below, Richard Hammond jumps on board a new Honda Africa Twin. It has a 998 cc twin engine mated to a 6-speed manual. The Africa Twin is a dual-sport bike, meaning it has been built to tackle both on and off-road duties. This also means the bike is higher off the ground so it can allow for some rugged riding. Combine Richard Hammond’s small stature (He’s really 5′ 7″, very average by world standards) with the tall bike and you will get a hilarious outcome as seen below.

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