This Pristine Toyota MR2 Is Cleaner Than Most Brand New Showroom Cars

The Japanese nostalgia market is officially booming. With classic 1990s examples all of the place, you can find cars all over the map. Most are a dime a dozen when you talk about Civics or other mass produced models. Hell, even NA MX-5 Miatas only sell for between $2000 and $6000 and the latter is for an extremely good example.

The more rare yet attainable cars are still getting bigger bucks than anticipated. For near mint examples, you can expect to pay a premium. One such example is located not 30 minutes from our home base here in New Jersey.

This is a 1991 Toyota MR2 and it is the cleanest example I have ever seen. Seriously, look at these pictures.

Just look at that engine bay. LOOK AT IT. It looks better than when it rolled off the damn assembly line. What makes this all the more astounding is that this car only has 55,700 miles on it. HOW IS THIS THING THAT CLEAN.

According to the auction, which you can check out right here, this MR2 has the turbocharged 2.0 liter 3S-GTE inline-four producing 200 horsepower. The listing also says the shifting has no issues, there are no cracks in the dash, carpeting and upholstry have all of their original coloration with practically zero fading, and it’s actually available to purchase right now at the link above.

Best part about this car being so close, we now know the owner. Our friend John Nouri owns Broadway Supercars in Clifton, NJ and has a varitable bevy of Japanese classics that will be up for sale in the not too distant future. We’re going to feature them all because if they’re anything like this MR2, good lord are we in for a treat.

John is a self made man and started Broadway Supercars back in 2011. However, he’s going to be selling most of his extensive collection, which we will cover in another piece, for another business venture. You’ll able to read more about him and his company in the very near future as we’ll be bringing you more articles and videos about his insanely clean cars.

For now, head on over to BaT and bid on this beauty.

(Source: Bring A Trailer)


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