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Snow And Ice Conditions Led To Near 100 Car Pileup

You always read about the aftermath of multiple car pileups, but rarely do you see one in real time. This latest one occurred in the Greater Toronto Area in a section of the Ontario Highway 401. Almost 100 cars were involved in this nightmarish pileup and the beginning of it was captured on camera, as seen below. According to CTV News:

“I saw the death in front of me. I thought, ‘Okay I’m not going to make it,'” said Kelly, one driver who had the roof of her car crushed in by a different transport truck. “It’s going to be really bad and I’m not going to die in a nice way, it’s going to be awful.”

According to Environment Canada, a snow band off Lake Ontario brought low visibility and some accumulating snow to the area.

“We were all scared and thanked god that we’re all alive,” said Li Yang, whose car was damaged in the crash.

No one was killed in the collisions, but several people were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Judging from the video this massive pileup could have been avoided if people were a bit more cautious in their following distance. The difference in speed between some of the cars were also incredibly high, forcing cars to brake hard and lockup in the snowy and icy road conditions. The combination of low visibility and the lack of people having their lights on also did not help the situation.

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Let this be a reminder for everyone the next time they’re in this type of inclement weather: Stay home! If you really have to drive, make sure your cars and tires are in good operating conditions, and that you keep a safe following distance. And if you see a jack-knifed tractor trailer behind you, just hope for the best.

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