Dealership Will Sell You A Mustang With Bugatti Veyron Levels Of Power

The folks at Lebanon Ford, an Ohio dealership that once sold you a Hellcat beating Ford Mustang for just under $40,000, is stunning the automotive world again with an even more amazing deal. The original package, which included a brand new 2016 Mustang GT, used a ROUSH Stage 2 supercharger to produce a total of 727 horsepower. Now they went back to the drawing boards to rethink their forced induction approach, and they’ve finally come up with something called The Hellion.

The Hellion

They’ve done it again. This time they’re relying on a twin-turbo system bolted on the existing Coyote 5.0 liter engine from the Mustang GT. The forced induction system uses a pair of huge 62 mm precision built snails with boost levels controllable from a wide range, starting at 5 psi to an astonishing 30 psi. At the maximum levels this $45,499 package will produce 1,200 horsepower. You read that correctly. 1,200 horsepower. This means that the Lebanon Ford Mustang GT will have Bugatti Veyron levels of power for just about 4% of the cost!

Here’s a snippet of all the details from their website:


Hellion Turbo System

Basani Cat-Back Exhaust (Preferred System by Hellion)

All install labor and supplies

$45,499  –

(plus normal tax, titles, fees)

Remember just like our LFP 727 for $39,995 package this LFP Hellion price includes the 300A Mustang GT, install, parts & labor.

PACKAGE 2   (Includes Package 1 plus):

95LBS Injectors

JMS PowerMax Boost-a-pump

TSS Oil Pump Gears (Includes Oil Gear, Timing Gear, and Crank Shaft Bolt)

Driveshaft Shop 800HP Halfshafts

$49,995 –

(plus normal tax, titles, fees).

If you thought that 1,200 horsepower sent to the dinky rear wheels of the Mustang GT is too much, you’re most certainly correct. There are many more upgrades you should consider doing in order to properly tap into all of that potential. Without proper suspension upgrades and tire modifications, the Hellion will just be a tire smoke generating machine. But that’s not at all bad is it?

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Q: How does The LFP Hellion twin turbo system compare to a supercharger?

A: • The LFP Hellion twin turbo system is very comparable cost-wise

• To maximize a supercharger, aftermarket headers will be needed, adding to the cost. The LFP Hellion twin turbo system includes headers, adding to it’s value.

• The LFP Hellion twin turbo system has a broader power band than comparable superchargers. For example, a supercharger makes peak horsepower at peak RPM, let’s say 6,500 RPM. A turbo will make peak power at a lower RPM, say 4,000 RPM. The turbo will then carry the power to redline. The supercharger will have a lower bhp at 4,000 RPM.

The turbo will have no parasitic loss as the supercharger is belt-driven. The turbo is driven with spent exhaust gases.

Q: Is it overkill to have a twin turbo LFP Hellion system even if I only want to run 5lbs of boost?

A: No. This system was designed to operate from 5lbs to over 30lbs if desired. Most customers only run 5lbs of boost, which in the case of The LFP Hellion, will make an average of 550rwhp (over 600 horsepower at the crank). Turning the boost up with a turbo is as easy as changing the wastegate spring or adding a manual or electronic boost controller.

Q: Does The LFP Hellion system need heat wrap or ceramic coating?

A: Not necessarily. The customer can run the system wrapped, coated, or bare. Hellion offers many choices if heat reduction is desired.

Q: Can I bring my Mustang to Lebanon Ford Performance to have the LFP Hellion System installed?

A: Yes! You can bring your mustang in to get the LFP Hellion System installed! You can fill out a form on this page or call (513)-696-1108

Q: How does The LFP Hellion affect the manufacturer’s warranty?

A: LFP Hellion will not carry any warranty from the manufacturer in the event of any power train failures caused by the installation or use of the Hellion Turbo System. There is no warranty by Lebanon Ford or the manufacturer after the installation of the system. All other warranties will remain intact.

We suggest you folks head on over to the link and put down some of your hard earned money to get the Hellion, IMMEDIATELY. Then, add an additional one or two digits to your tire fund and go have a blast! But be forewarned… These packages do not touch any of the wheels, tires, or brakes, and we suggest you upgrade those elements, and the transmission, before you crank up on the boost levels, giving you all 1,200 horses. If you don’t, it might be a $45,499 method of getting yourself, or others, seriously hurt.

(Source: Lebanon Ford Performance)


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