Teenager Bringing Lamborghini To High School Makes Us Angry And Happy At The Same Time

Having a car when you’re a teenager can make things a lot easier. This adolescent time when you’re climbing the practice social ladder, working on your grades to get into a decent college, while not getting bullied or scarred for life, can be a tough time for many. Having a car makes this portion of life just a tad easier. Suddenly, you add value to your friends by being able to take them places. You become more reliable as you’re not dependent on Mom and Dad’s schedule. And when you have a really nice car, like a Lamborghini, to take to school, well you just made yourself the hottest shit in this world.

In the video, two brothers who claim to be serial entrepreneurs, managed to get their Lamborghini Gallardo out of their warehouse to drive to their high school. They’re without a doubt, the hottest shits in their high school. Me being almost twice the age of the kid in the video and still not having a Lamborghini to drive on a daily basis, not gonna lie, angers me a bit. It feels almost like a living example of Hell, where the person you became meets the person you would have become. Only in this case, you’re still living and the person you would have become is just a kid… who owns a Lamborghini.

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But being the optimist, the bright side here is that this video shows car enthusiasm will still live on in the next generation. The reactions their Lamborghini-less classmates gave are quite genuine, some are hilarious, some are idiotic, and some are downright annoying. People like to say that kids don’t care about cars these days, but as long as they can casually hear a V10’s roar, and puncture their ear drums in the process, the enthusiasm will live on.

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