The Ford GT Competition Series Will Make Ferrari Owners Shit A Brick

The Ford GT is coming and it is going to be glorious. It’s already one of the best looking cars Ford has ever made and the hype behind this car could not be more stratospheric. All in, the GT is going to be a blockbuster and should be one of the most sought after performance cars in history many years from now. Until now we’ve known of two variants to the car: the normal, road going version and the GT race car that has won Le Mans the last two years running. But there’s a secret version that no one has seen that might be even more rare, collectible, and hardcore. Until now.

According to the Ford GT online configurator you can get a regular run of the mil GT (sarcasm extremely implied), two different colored “heritage” versions with racing stripes, and one other called the “competition series.” You have to really look for this variant which begs the question: does anyone even know about it?

Here’s what the normal configurator looks like.

But click the “series” option on the left hand navigation and you get this screen.

Look! In yonder upper left-hand corner! A lightweight, secret GT that is barely even noticeable. Click the “Ford GT Competition Series” button and your car changes into a mean looking dark grey with an equally mean looking racing stripe.

On the configurator, the car doesn’t seem to change much visually, but there is a lot going on under the surface. Here’s everything you get with this track attacking upgrade:

  • Unique Exterior Highlights:
    • Standard Lightweight Gloss Carbon Fiber Wheels with Titanium Lug Nuts
    • Standard Titanium Exhaust System with Unique Titanium Tips
    • Unique Lightweight, Race Inspired Engine Hatch with Perspex® Cover and Manual Latch
    • Bulkhead Fitted with Lightweight Gorilla® Glass
    • Unique Exposed Gloss Carbon Fiber Stripe
    • Exposed Gloss Carbon Fiber Lowers, Mirror Caps and A-Pillars
    • Available in Shadow Black, Frozen White, Ingot Silver, Liquid Blue, Liquid Grey and Triple Yellow
  • Unique Interior Highlights:
    • Lightweight Ebony Black Alcantara Seats, IP and Headliner
    • Exposed Carbon Fiber Console, Air Registers and Door Sills
    • Anodized Red Paddle Shifters, Anodized Red Instrument Panel Chassis Badge, and Red Pedal Adjustment & Emergency Door Release Pull Straps
    • Matte Dark Stainless Bezels, Finishers and Seat X-Brace
    • Unique Instrument Panel Plate and Steering Wheel Bezel
    • Incremental Weight Saving Actions Including Deleted A/C and Radio Hardware

And it even hypes this version up more by saying, “The Ford GT Competition Series is the lightest, highest performing version of the Ford GT road car and the closest one can get to experiencing the car that won the 2016 24 Hours of Le Mans.”

That’s a lot of spec for something so hidden. The bargain basement GT has already been firmly planted in the Ferrari 488 Speciale/McLaren 675LT conversation and this should be Ford’s answer to both of those. Meaning, this car will totally decimate at race wars. The GT Competition series is an exercise in one-upmanship that seems to be all over the automotive world right now. Personally I love it because we get bonkers versions of already mindblowing cars.

Ford is clearly taking direct aim at the supercar elite and this thing will likely knock them all down a peg.

h/t Jalopnik


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