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The Project Cars 2 Trailer Looks Absolutely Epic

When Project Cars was released into the world, many racing fans had thought they finally got the game they’ve always been wanting. While the game is very solid, there have been some issues with game stability, servers kicking off random players during league play, and complaints the game was too hard. While the last one might not be true with a bit of car tuning, the first true have been gripes of nearly every Project Cars gamer.

What seemed to piss everyone off the most was when Project Cars 2 was announced when all the original problems were happening. This was not received well and everyone questioned why they would announce the second iteration while the first iteration has many bugs and issues. The reality is because if your game is received well at the beginning, you usually get the green light for a sequel very soon. PC2 needed another team at the ready to start coding away.

And it looks like what they’ve come up with is staggeringly beautiful.

There’s a few things we can see from the trailer that we’re excited for.

  1. We’re getting more GT3 cars! FINALLY!
  2. Weather changes may be more random and severe.
  3. Snow drifting looks just as fun in the game as is does in real life
  4. The graphics are insane. This game looks gorgeous
  5. The car list will expand with many, many new cars.

We cannot wait until this comes out. We will no doubt get our grubby little hands on a copy as soon as we can and give you our full review. The trailer said we should be expecting it to drop late in 2017 on Xbox 1, Play Station 4, and Steam. Fingers crossed for no Gran-Turismo-like delays.


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