Drunk Driver Hits Car And Tries To Get Away, Only To Find They’re Terrible At Driving

Get a dashcam. Seriously. Stop what you’re doing and just go buy one. In the case of this Subaru BRZ driver, he happened to be recording while a Toyota Camry sideswiped him on the highway. It looked like a completely innocent accident: The Camry was signaling and Shifting Lanes (Hiyooo!), while the BRZ was in it’s blindspot and passing it from the right side (which is prohibited in most states)

What was shocking was that the sideswipe incident seems to have spooked the Camry driver. The BRZ driver had thought the Toyota wanted to pull over in a different section, which wasn’t the case. It’s not clear what the Camry driver’s true motive was at the time, but fleeing the scene of an accident must have been their number one priority. Later on the Camry tried to take an offramp but discovered that they were going too fast and ended up hitting a guard rail.

According to the video description:

I was able to get the plate number so I stopped and called the proper authority. Later on the day, the driver was found, the car ran up a curb, and was arrested for DWI. Second offense.

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This explains why the driver attempted to flee: they didn’t want to get charged with DWI over a fender bender. So the moral of the story here is (besides don’t drink and drive): You can’t control other people not drinking and driving, so you should get yourself a dashcam. Seriously.

(Source: YouTube)


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