Yenko Is Back. 800 Horsepower Camaro Announced. Hellcats Are On Notice.

If you’ve been following the Barrett-Jackson Car auctions the last 10 years, you’re no doubt seen the Yenko name come up a few times. Probably more than just a few. Yenko was a specialty Camaro maker back in the late 1960s producing 369 total examples from 1967-1969. They fetch a HUGE premium on the auction block these days.

Yenko hasn’t produced a car since ’69, but had a few one offs with the ’81 Yenko Turbo Z. In 2010, the Yenko name was resurrected for SEMA with a glorious Camaro. Now, the name has returned and is being licensed out by a shop right here in New Jersey called Specialty Vehicle Engineering, or SVE for short.

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A New Classic?

The car is based on the Chevy SS which produced a not insignificant 455 horsepower from the LT1 engine. SVE then blasts it with the good stuff to crank out 800 horsepower. And that sound was all Hellcats wetting themselves. According to Motor Trend, SVE gives the car “forged steel crankshaft and H-beam rods, aluminum pistons, CNC ported and polished LT-1 cylinder heads, LT-4 fuel system and injectors, and a custom supercharger.”

All of this glorious retro goodness, including the Yenko coloration and badging, costs $40,000 large. To me, that seems like a steal. I mean if you hang on to it long enough, you could have a modern classic. Hell this Yenko went for $220,000 at Barret-Jackson in 2014. 40 grand seems like a bargain by comparison.

(Source: Motor Trend)


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