This EV Nearly Broke The ALL TIME Nurbugring Lap Record

Whenever we hear of a lap record, we sit up and listen. The quest to go ever faster around track via power, aero, and grip is genuinely interesting. Plus, it gives us and every car marker something to benchmark every other car against. We like that.

The Nurburgring is arguably the most famous track in the world and is the go-to for lap record bragging rights. Recently, the Lamborghini Huracan Performante set the all time production car record. This came with massive controversy, but Lambo is swearing up and down it’s real. They even said they would prove it by coming to your house to show you the data. No, we’re not joking.

But that’s the all time record. What about other vehicles? EVs are also stupidly fast and back in October the NIO EP9 set the EV lap record at a staggering 7 minutes, 5.12 seconds. To put that in perspective, the Huracan did it in a scarcely believable 6:52.01. Here’s that lap.

But the EV lap might be even more impressive given how much EV cars are still in their infancy. Yes, the EP9 is not a production car, but it’s still incredible on its own. The EP9 is only 13 seconds behind the Lambo and here’s the impressive lap to prove it.

So which was was more impressive to you, the Lambo of the EP9? Maybe a better question: how long until an EV production car can knock off the Huracan’s time?


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