Toyota Sells The Perfect Stripped Down Toyota GT-86 In Japan

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The GT-86 is one of the purest sports cars on sale today. Although its current trim is very simple, in Japan they’ve taken it a step further. Toyota realized, why waste money on nice stock wheels, air conditioning, and painted bumpers when owners will replace them anyway? The Stripped down GT-86 RC is the perfect trim for enthusiasts who plan on modifying their cars. It’s cheaper and lighter than the normal car giving you the perfect canvas for your dream build.

The Japanese get it. They know what you’re going to do with your new GT-86. You’re going to dump money into it to make it special. So they decided to cater to you and present a lower barrier to entry. In Japan, the GT-86 RC is significantly cheaper than the previous base model. They even take away the trim around the steering wheel and shifter to save weight. Toyota goes so far as to even toss out the plastic intake cover under the hood because they know you want a cold air intake.

It’s refreshing to see Toyota sell a sports car that offers less for a lower price. Porsche and Ferrari routinely charge customers tons of money for cars that have less stuff. But Toyota realizes that less doesn’t mean customers should pay more.  The GT-86 RC weighs 100lbs less than a standard version. Call it the GT-86 Superleggera or the GT-86 Lightweight but this is the car we want. I always saw the GT-86 as a blank canvas with a warranty and the RC makes a good canvas better.

It’s refreshing to see an auto manufacturer that really gets its customers. They know what we want but you need to move to japan. Toyota is saving you money so you can live out your modding dreams. The GT-86 RC is the purest trim of the GT-86 available new and I wish we got it in the USA.


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