The Second Original Bullitt Mustang Has Been Found After Being Lost In Mexico For Nearly 30 Years

The film Bullitt is considered one of the greatest car movies of all time. Some consider the chase scene in the film to be the greatest example in the history of cinema. The Ford Mustang’s used and driven by Steve McQueen in the film are equally as iconic and inspired an entire generation of auto enthusiasts. So what we’re about to tell you is not only good news for movie fans, it’s also huge for all enthusiasts with a sense of history.

According to a tip from our good YouTube friend subaruwrxfan, the second original Bullitt Mustang has been found. This car was thought to be lost to the crusher, but has miraculously and mysteriously resurfaced after 30 years in hiding. Here’s the original post.

Here are some of the photos from the find. Soon, a full validation and verification will be performed on this vehicle to prove that this is in fact the lost Bullitt Mustang.



The history of this car is pretty damn fascinating. When Bullitt was filmed, two identical V8 Mustang 390 GT fastbacks were made to be used in the filming process. One was created for the driving scenes, also called the “hero” car. This example was never used in any stunts to ensure the shots would have a clean example. The other car was used for everything else and was in such bad shape that many thought it to be lost to the crusher decades ago. Apparently not as someone decided to find the heap and save it. It was never actually lost as someone had saved it, but since not a soul had seen or heard about it for so long, everyone assumed it was destroyed.

The car itself has been in Mexico for the last 20-30 years and has been repainted from green to red, then to white, then back to green as it’s seen now. The frame fixes are photographed along with holes cut in the back for generators to power the camera gear. These are modifications that no one would ever do otherwise. And the best part is it sounds like the owner is sending the car to California for a full restoration back to it’s original glory.

Truly this is an astonishing find and hopefully this car will make it to Ford or a museum for all to see and fawn over.


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