This Body Kit Turns You 997 Porsche 911 Into A Slant-Nosed 935 From Yesteryear

Have you ever been a Porsche owner and thought, “Man I really wish I could buy that slant-nosed 935, but it’s so old and it might breakdown and all I have is this lousy 997 911 lying around. HARUMPH!” Of course you haven’t, but there had to have been someone somewhere that thought that this exact thing. Becuase lo and behold that’s exactly what we have right here!

Some genius has come up with a 935 slant-nose body kit for the 997 generation of the Porsche 911. And may I just say that this is totally gorgeous. Have a look.

It’s like looking into the face of Jesus.

If I had a 997, I’d be doing this. Maybe.

The company’s name is called “Old & New” and comes straight out of Japan. I’m glad someone else has done it to their 997 as I wouldn’t want to be the guinea pig, but this is pretty incredible. Also, I’d like a 997 in the first place, but that’s another story entirely. This is one of the sexiest body kits I’ve seen in a long time. What are some of the best ones you’ve seen?

Post them in the comments and maybe we’ll feature them next week.


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