DiRT 4 Flexes Its Off Road Muscle With New Gameplay Trailer

If you haven’t tried any part of the DiRT series, you simply must. It’s a prerequisite for any motorhead to experience the blistering rally madness the series has to offer. Even the more arcade-feeling DiRT 2 and 3 provide accessible thrills. DiRT Rally, currently available, provides the kind of depth that simulation racers crave.

Now it’s time to fire up the sim rigs, because DiRT 4 will be here on June 9th. As a veteran DiRT player, I’ve been longing for short course racing featuring buggies and trucks for a long time. It’s finally back, and they’re calling it Landrush. Yes, DiRT 2 had rally raid, but it just wasn’t the same.

The video showcases Rally, Landrush, and RallyCross with the same clean graphics we’ve come to love. We can catch a glimpse at Crosskarts, a first for the DiRT series. Short course trucks are shown door-bashing and tumbling. And, of course, we have the unforgettable Group B cars.

The full feature list for DiRT 4 includes 50+ vehicles, route generator, 5 rally locations, the promise of competitive off-road racing, and a career mode that includes Rally, Landrush, and RallyCross. I’m excited to see how the rally car action is when pitted against the upcoming Project Cars 2. Either way, it’s a great time to be a sim racer.


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