Dozen Luxury Cars Caught “Stunt Driving” Thru Canada. Did The Punishment Fit The Crime?

Ever since the first Cannonball Baker Sea To Shining Sea Memorial Trophy Dash (or better known as the Cannonball Run) back in the 1970s, everyone’s been attempting to do the same thing ever since. Except instead of an eclectic collection of car junkies, race car drivers, mechanics and journalists, they’re now driven by rock stars and people of extreme wealth. And instead of driving sports cars, minivans, and El Caminos, these races are now inundated with luxury cars and hyper cars, donning sponsorship stickers on them.

What happened in this stretch of Ontarian highway might just be the Canadian version of the Cannonball Run, as evidenced by the sticker heavy cars. According to CityNews:

Witnesses say a group of luxury vehicles were driving “erratically” on Highway 400 and weaving in and out of traffic at extremely high speeds.

Despite the stereotypical nature of Canadians to be kind and forgiving, the cops in this case laid down the hammer and impounded the luxury cars that were “Stunt Driving”. While giving them a seven day license suspension, effectively ending whatever joyride they were participating in:

OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt said the charged drivers all had their vehicles impounded and licenses suspended for a week. Other drivers were let go with a warning.

OPP caught up to the accused drivers by reducing Hwy. 400 to one lane near the Barrie ONroute service station, which brought traffic to a crawl. Officers then stopped the vehicles one by one.

Vehicles among the impounded were a Lamborghini Huracan, a Porsche 911, a BMW M3, and a Mercedes C-class, presumably the AMG C63 variant. Do you think a seven day suspension is tough enough or is it too harsh?

(Source: CityNews)


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