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The Real Reason The Jeep Gladiator Doesn’t Have a V8

We still want a V8 Jeep

The Jeep Gladiator is finally here and Jeep enthusiasts can finally tow our haul their other off-road toys with a Jeep truck. The Jeep Gladiator is a big deal, mixing off-road ability with truck practically but one thing is missing, a V8.

Traditionally if a truck doesn’t have a V8 it better has a pretty good excuse. Luckily Jeep has one. In a recent interview with Jeep President, Tim Kuniskis we find out the real reason. As it turns out Jeep reads your comments, your tweets, and even your rants on FaceBook. You and see the interview at 12:50 in the below video:

Jeep knows what you want. They know you want a single cab, V8, 8ft bed, 6-speed manual, Jeep truck but that doesn’t make business sense. Jeep thought about a Hemi since there is room in the engine bay, but when installed, there wasn’t enough room for crumple zones.

It may seem like a lame reason but at least they tried. Also, there’s nothing stopping you from buying a hellcat crate engine and plopping one in your Gladiator at home. Which you should totally do. Please do that. And let us drive it.


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