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The GenesisG70 Has the World’s Best Car Configurator

Excellent car deserves excellent software

The Genesis G70 is an amazing car. After driving both the V6 and the inline-4 it’s safe to say I want one. Usually, when I want a car I cannot afford, I take out my woes on the car’s online configurator. This time I was building my perfect G70 when I stumbled upon a recent update to the site. The result is the best car configurator I’ve ever used.

Change the color of your G70 and instantly the site reacts. Do you want to open the door? Click on any doors the hood or even the truck and they open right up.

This configurator reminds of Forza more than any boring online car configurator. You can even site in the G70’s driver’s seat and see the entire interior in a perfect 3D render.

Will this sell more cars? I hope so because the G70 is excellent. This car configurator may just be clever software but the results allow you to interact with G70 and look around all from the comfort of your own home. I can only assume this was dreamed up to help mitigate the lack of Genesis dealerships.


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