This Is What 112 psi of Boost Looks Like

Boost fixes all problems

A normal turbocharged car makes around 13 psi from the factory. Even if you tune a street car it’s rare to crest 25 psi. When I saw this truck on YouTube making 112 psi I wasn’t even sure what to think.

The 4g63 engine is an absolute legend. Every good Mitsubishi from the 90s and early 2000s used it and tuners loved it. Mitsubishi Eclipses with 400 horsepower and Evos ingesting 30 psi of boost filled the imagination of gearheads of the 90s.

Well, it looks like we were only scratching the surface. when you throw everything at the 4g63 you can make a lot of boost and therefore a fast car or truck. The featured racecar in this video ripping down the drag strip quarter mile at 6.23@229mph is the fastest 4-cylinder drag car ever built.


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