Rebuilding A Rotary Engine is Surpisingly Easy

The Rotary Engine is a love it, or hate it thing like olives, you’re either a fanatic or disgusted. Regardless of your feelings towards the rotary, the process to build one is fascinating.

The Rotary engine is unlike any other engine is a traditional car so the process of building one is a special treat. Rebuilding a Rotary at the hand of an expert is a mesmerizing process that we’re lucky enough to see in great detail.

The internet can teach you some wonderful things. For example last week I learn how to make pretzels in the comfort of my own apartment. Then today I learned how to rebuild a Rotary engine.

The worst part about all this is now I want a Mazda RX-8. They’re cheap to purchase and from the looks of it surprisingly simple to rebuild. Who wouldn’t want a 9,000rpm screaming Japanese sports car?


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