This Tetsuma 1/64 Scale BisiMoto EV 935 model is just as ridiculous as the real thing

You don’t find too many 1:64 scale models made out of resin these days. It’s also pretty uncommon to come across a legendary Porsche track monster that’s 100% electric. And yet, here we have the BisiMoto EVmoto 935 K3 from resin modeler Tetsuma. A perfect juxtaposition of two things that shouldn’t work, but do. 

Tetsuma is an up and coming model manufacturer out of sunny southern California. They’ve started off with some beautiful restomod 964 Porsches, and intend to keep that momentum going with some upcoming Gunther Werks and Kremer racing models too. A huge shock though, was the announcement of their collaboration with California local BisiMoto and a 1/64 model of their recent project: the 935 K3 EV.

That’s right, BisiMoto converted a Porsche 935 into an EV. A 600hp, 18,000RPM, 0-60 in 2 seconds EV 935. Bisi even topped it all off with an insane silver and pink paint job. Tetsuma, being practically neighbors with BisiMoto, absolutely needed to capture this car in 1/64 scale. And capture it they did; the entire car was scanned with a 3D scanner and then scaled down to perfect 1/64. 

When the box arrived on my front porch from Tetsuma, I was immediately impressed by the packaging the car came in. Forget diamonds, you could propose to somebody with this thing! The wheels on this car are jewelry status; each looking like a pink gemstone wrapped in rubber. They are multifaceted, full of detail and different textures, and even have crisp white lettering that sets them off. 

The car’s glass components are made from the same thin plastic sheet material as larger scale resin models. This really benefits the 1/64 scale car as Testsuma avoids having to use chunky, single piece windshields and side glass. Tampo prints are clean all around the car, and the front splitter, fog-light surrounds, and fuel filler cap are all individual pieces. 

I could only find two drawbacks to this model. The first of which are that the back wheels tend to stick to the fenders and not roll. On the other hand, I could count this as a positive so you don’t have to worry about this delicate piece of art rolling off your shelf. The second is the price, coming in at $77 a piece. You get what you pay for with Testuma though, which is perfection! 

Look for these Bisi K3V models to hit the market this week! Connect with CEO Tommy Hua via for more information about this exciting model brand. 


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