Ruroc Atlas 4.0 helmet is ready to rock your world

Ruroc Atlas 4.0 Fenrir
Ruroc Atlas 4.0 Fenrir

RUROC are back, this time with their new and improved Atlas 4.0 helmet, set to be launched to the world on February 18. Building a reputation for aggressive styling, and bold and epic artwork, the new offering will have fans frothing at the mouth.

Ruroc claim the Atlas 4.0 will offer significant upgrades in rider comfort, with a fully re-engineered interior, and aerodynamic performance that not only makes it more stable, but also improves acoustics by a claimed 57 per cent.

To top off the improvements, the Atlas 4.0 has achieved a noteworthy ECE 22.06 safety accreditation.

“The Atlas 4.0 is without question a significant new upgrade to the Atlas platform, both for us at Ruroc and the market as a whole,” Ruroc head of engineering James Campbell said.

“This is one of the very first helmets available that meets the new stringent ECE 22.06 standards… thanks in no small part to the collaboration with our partners at RHEON.”

RHEON’s application in the Atlas 4.0 is a significant milestone in helmet design and safety, with the innovative reactive polymer technology integrated seamlessly into the headlining of the helmet.

Ruroc Atlas 4.0 El Cobre

Born from decades of research, RHEON’s technology provides targeted protection against impact and rotational forces, offering supreme protection to Ruroc riders. The new three part multi-density EPS structure has increased impact attenuation performance as well.

The shell has been aerodynamically simplified to reduce turbulence and enhance stability, so riders can ride for longer without strain or tension. Temperature control has been improved thanks to a new ventilation system with the addition of a top vent switch.

Riders wearing the ATLAS 4.0 can now effectively tune their thermal comfort in any climate, by opening and closing the vents. New plush cheek pads of a multi-layered multi-density construction feature premium moisture-wicking fabrics.

There’s even an enclosed zip to allow riders to tailor the level of padding to a truly personal fit. This also allows for the removal of the internal foam so you can hand-wash the cheek pads, providing ultimate hygiene.

Like previous Atlas models, the 4.0 also offers full integration with Ruroc’s Shockwave Bluetooth audio system. It seamlessly integrates into the helmet, connecting through the new CHAIN App – dubbed the next level in rider communication.

There are a total of 18 different paint and graphic options, including the Ragnarok (available in four different paint schemes), a Carbon range (three choices), a Paint series (in five plain colours), and the Misfit range.

Atlas 4.0 Outrun

The last of these features the retro 80s styled Outrun, Street King, El Cobre and the returning and bestselling official DC licensed ‘The Joker’ helmet design carried over from the Atlas 3.0 range.

The Atlas 4.0 will be available exclusively at Ruroc’s website, with local pricing to be confirmed post launch.

This article was first published on Exhaust Notes Australia.


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