Russian and Belarusian truck makers announce EV production

Russian truck maker KAMAZ and Belarusian truck maker MAZ have announced that they are going to make electric vehicles; the former will make an electric hatchback called KAMA-1, while MAZ has unveiled plans to build an electric truck and an electric bus.

In an interview with RTVI, KAMAZ’s General Directer Sergei Kogogin stated, “We don’t plan on competing with bigger brands who have already contributed so much. We have found a niche market which could potentially interest us, such as taxis and carsharing.”

Meanwhile, Minsk-based MAZ has announced that at the exhibition of the National Academy of Sciences, they will present an experimental version of their MAZ-4381ЕЕ electric truck. They have also unveiled plans to send 889 electric buses to Saint-Petersburg, which according to them will do 186 miles on a single charge.

Knowing both Russian and Belarusian ingenuity, these projects will either be a massive failure, or they won’t be realised at all. However, I will not be too quick to judge, and I shall wait and see what kind of results they will deliver.


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