Mercedes-AMG’s GT Track Series is its most powerful consumer car to date

The AMG performance division of Mercedes is nearly as recognizable to the general public as it is to the car community, which goes to show how successful the automotive branch has become in its half-century-plus existence. The Affalterbach-based company won’t celebrate its 55th anniversary — and ever-growing success with both customers and in motorsport — in silence. Instead, AMG has unveiled the highly-limited, 734-horsepower, track-only GT Track Series as a celebration for the 55-year milestone. The Track Series will have a fitting production run of 55 units.

Undeniably the paramount aspect of this track machine is the monstrous V8. The Track Series dethrones the GT Black Series as AMG’s most powerful car with a 4.0-liter, twin-turbo V8 pushing over 730 horsepower (540 kilowatts) and 627 lbs/ft of torque (850 Newton meters).

The GT Track Series is based upon the road-legal GT Black Series, but without unnecessary government-regulated safety precautions and various road-use adaptations. The GT Track Series incorporates numerous adjustments for maximum performance.

All 734 horses are now sent to the rear wheels through a sequential Hewland HLS six-speed transmission, in contrast to the seven-speed dual clutch in the Black Series. The Track Series further enhances performance with its four-way adjustable Bilstein dampers. Each has a high and low-speed mode for rebound and compression. Ride height and anti-roll bar can be adjusted further to achieve that perfect lap time.

The Track Series has shed some pounds, 530 to be exact (240 kilograms), for augmented track ability. This is done in part by adding carbon fiber body panels and removing most all creature comforts from the interior. AMG’s latest track machine possesses a carbon hood, fenders, back bumper, and rear bumper.

Carbon has also been liberally applied inside to the center console, dashboard, door panels and elsewhere This is part of the extensive makeover given to the GT Track Series’ cabin for bettered circuit abilities. The remodel began with the complete removal of leather and other plush materials, the inclusion of a new racing steering “wheel,” lightweight bucket seats, traction control and ABS dials. Additionally, a five-point harness, roll cage, fire extinguisher, and roof escape hatch all help the Track Series meet the latest FIA safety standards.

Aerodynamic trickery exclusive to the Track Series is the final major change. It features a particularly large horseshoe vent on the hood that directs hot air away from the engine and serves a notable distinction over its road-going counterpart. The copious front splitter and adjustable rear wing aid in providing downforce, as do the upgraded side skirts and front-fender-mounted canards and louvers.

The first of the 55 GT Track Series models will be delivered to customers in the second quarter of 2022, with prices starting at $405,240 (€369,000), before taxes.


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