The real story of the almost mythological Porsche 959

Image courtesy of VINWiki

Fast, futuristic, and legendary. The Porsche 959. Once a Group B Rally Car and homologated production vehicle, the 959 was Porsche’s first supercar and was able to reach a top speed of 197 mph. Unfortunately, due to Porsche’s unwillingness to provide the Department of Transportation with the four cars require for crash testing, the 959 was never officially sold in the US.

Its lack of presence on US streets led to numerous myths and rumors being spread about the car and even spawned a dedicated group of enthusiasts who successfully passed legislation that allowed the 959 to come into the US before it became 25 years old. All of this and more is beautifully explained in today’s VINWiki video, courtesy of John Ficarra, one of the channel’s most marvelous narrators and fantabulous facial hair extraordinaire. Check it out!


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