INDI opens One EV for orders at New York International Auto Show

The electric vehicle market is gaining traction as more electric automakers establish their brands and debut vehicles. California-based INDI is the latest company is the latest company to open the order book and stake a claim in the land of electric vehicles with the One crossover. The One takes aim at a younger demographic with their “‘You Do You’ mentality” and how that approach translates into a unique driving experience. Interested buyers can secure a reservation for the One with $100 down.

The INDI One is offset from the likes of the Tesla Model Y and Chevrolet Bolt EUV due to INDI’s social and social media consciousness, large target demographic, and other factors. From the socially conscious standpoint, INDI has utilized ample sustainable materials throughout the crossover’s minimalist cabin. INDI has paired those materials with the One’s standout technology revolving around social media content creation and passenger enjoyment. An interesting example of this comes via Virtual Reality (VR) connectivity is also present inside the One’s cabin. Not only has INDI integrated the capability, the company also claims it can “effectively eliminate motion sickness in VR users” (an unfortunate side effect for some) while passengers interact with others worldwide. 5G integration is also included so those inside the One can “access social media[] and… connect with other INDI Ones on the road to play games.”


Via the One’s Vehicle Integrated Computer (VIC), those inside can stream videos from the internet, play video games, and even watch Netflix on this computer-like infotainment system that is available on premium models. Passengers can also create, edit, and upload content through VIC inside the vehicle.

INDI has aimed the One at a diverse audience offering a plethora of ways for those inside to highlight their personalities. This ranges from the tone of the horn (which can be customized like your phone’s ringtone) to the color of their vehicle. INDI is offering nine limited-edition exterior colors “inspired by Southern California’s sun, surf, and entertainment lifestyle culture.” This is all part of INDI’s mission to enable buyers to have “a vehicle that reflects who they are, and what they need.”


Andre Hudson, head of design at INDI, stated the “ONE is revolutionary because it’s not just a mode of transportation; it was designed from the ground-up to be a technology platform to help you live a better life,” via a press release.

INDI’s approach could mark the beginning of computer integration, and hyper-targeting age-relevant customers to create a broader audience.

Entry level models start at $45,000 and come equipped with a 75KW battery that can achieve a 230-mile range. The $69,000 flagship grants access to all nine colors, including Sunset (orange-yellow), Beverly Blush (pink), and City Nights (dark purple), a 95 kW, 300-mile battery pack with dual motor AWD, and 475 horsepower.


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