Just how much is Tyler Hoover’s hooptie fleet worth?

Have you ever looked at a YouTuber’s car collection and wondered just what kind of value that garage is holding? Perhaps you have, but the thought of scouring the internet for values and narrowing them down to that specific example was just too much effort. Perhaps you haven’t at all, in which case this post might not be as interesting to you but I’ll keep typing anyway.

Fortunately for the ones in the first crowd, myself included, Ed Bolian of VINWiki has gone ahead and done the work for us. Together with John Temerian of Curated and John Ficarra of Ficarra Classic, the trio will be taking in-depth looks at the collections of several YouTube personalities and deciding what they each think that person’s individual cars are worth in the current market.

First on the cutting board is The Dumbest Automotive Channel in All of YouTube, Tyler Hoover himself! What kind of value does his pile of hoopties hold and how much money has he lost in assembling this troop of questionable choices? Take it away boys!


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