How Lamborghini came to be, thanks to Enzo Ferrari.

Let’s take a in depth look in how a dispute between Enzo Ferrari and Feruccio Lamborghini over a gearbox forged a rivalry as old as time it self, ok maybe not that old but still it’s a rivalry that has raged on since the 60’s and lets take a look at how this two brands have created seperate culture groups and how the rivalry fairs today.

How it started.

Way before Lamborghini was known for what it does today, making cars, it was mainly a tractor manufacturer and they were pretty good at it, so with with a working business model there was not really any need to make cars, if it ain’t broken then why fix it?

So you are no probablly thinking that Feruccio Lamborghini being succesfull was probablly rich, well you would be correct and just like any rich succesfull Italian business owner at that time, Feruccio decided to buy a Ferrari 250.

But this specific Ferrari models gearbox had a tendency to well basically commit suicide and Feruccio won the jackpot when his 250’s gearbox decided to follow the trend set by it’s siblings and well, broke, and it being a Ferrari you can geus it’s really expensive to fix it at Marranello.

Feruccio went to Enzo Ferrari himself and complained saying how he doesn’t really feel like that you get your money’s worth especially since the gearbox had a tendicy to well brake, Enzo being Enzo told esentially that Feruccio should go back to the farm like the farmboy he is and let’s just say Mr Lamborghini wasn’t really happy about it.

So instead of taking it to Ferrari, Feruccio decided to fix it DIY style and made and fit a new gearbox himself and geus what, yup, it worked better then the factory one from Ferrari, and this sparked an idea in Feruccio’s head, an idea that would fudemantally start a battle of the Italian titans, Lamborghini will not only make tractors but challenge Ferrari at it’s own game, making fast, luxury sports cars, and so our battle between the Cavallino Rampante an the Raging Taurus starts here.

Rivalry of the decades.

These two Italian automotive giants will have a face off through the decades, the 60’s saw the Ferrari 250 and Lamborghini Miura, the 80’s saw the F40 versus the Countach, the 90’s became the F50 vs Diablo era, the 2000’s we saw the Enzo and Murcielago and the 2010’s the LaFerrari vs Aventodor.

But it’s fair to say that no one really knows who the winners is in each of this decades was, Ferrari fans like myself think the Ferrari’s won and Lambo fans think Lamborghini won but to be honest I think neither won or lose.

Who won and who ever lose depends on you and who ever you support but what we all can agree on is that out of this rivalry came some of the best cars ever, and that is all that matters.

The cultural diffrence.

Despite both being from Italy, there is a major difference in culture between the two brands and this is clear to see when you look at who owns them.

Long story short, Ferrari is more old school or profesional and Lamborghini tends to appeal more towards influincers thus why you see allot of them on YouTube for example.

Ferrari also doesn’t sell their cars to who ever walks in with a load of cash and says I want this, if you want a Ferrari, or from a official Ferrari dealer that it is, you have to be passionate about the brand and appreciate their racing heritage, you might also have to expect to be recomended to buy an older model like a 599 Fiorano or a California or so on, if you then later comeback it means you are most likely loyal to the brand, and you are also a bit limited in terms what and how much modifications you can do to your car, you are also expected to attend events like the Mille Miglia or Ferrari owners club events and visit the Marranello factory and the Monaco GP and suprisingly you shouldn’t be to flashy and you have to attend an advanced driving course with an experienced racing driver.

To many who just want to own a Ferrari simply for the clout this might be a bit of a frustration but if your like me who adores Ferrari you won’t have any problem with it.

Lamborghini on the other hand are a bit more casual and like said before thus why you see allot of them on platforms like YouTube, unlike Ferrari where most who owners are more less flashy and more cultured, Lamborghini focuses more on selling to like for example Youtubers like Jake or Logan Paul and doesn’t really care about your online or public image, Lamborghini’s also tend to appeal more to the younger more youthful generation if we are honest and to people that are less intrested in motorsports and more intrested in clout and fame even if they started to get more involved in motorsports the last couple of years.

What I just said about the difference between the two culture groups doesn’t really apply to everyone but mostly the majority, long story short Ferrari owners are mostly more cultured and mature compared to Lamborghini owners who are more youthful and energetic you would say and Ferrari owners are also more intrested in motorsports like F1 and the Ferrari challenge compared to Lamborghini owners who are more focused on clout, fame and social media.

So the rivalry?

Is it still as fierce as it was now, yes, although if it might seem like it anymore it is still very much so there.

For example, you might think of buying a brand new Ferrari SF90 or Roma from the dealership now that you have owned more then let’s say 5 Ferrari’s from previous years but you might be shocked to find out you cant, why?

Well that’s because last year you decided to buy a Lamborghini Hurrican, ouch, but why though, well like it said the rivalry is still there even if it isn’t as much in the open as before.

Lamborghini is also guilty of this, Lamborghini tends to steal unsatisfied customers from Ferrari, we all know the Deadmau5 story, long story short, Deadmau5 riced his Ferrari 458 Italia and Ferrari didn’t like it and took back their car, Deadmau5 on the other hand bought a Lamborghini Hurrican and riced it in the same way and Lamborghini didn’t really care because well it’s a new customer and where as he called his 458 Purrari he went and named his new car the Purrican, many people might say it was a slap in the face for Ferrari but let’s be honest, they don’t care that much actually.

a Rivalry as old as time, one written in the history books and still to be completed, who will come out on top.


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