Maserati goes topless with the gorgeous, 621-horsepower MC20 Cielo convertible

Some two years ago, Maserati launched the MC20 supercar as a last hurrah before committing to a fully-electric lineup. Maserati never conformed a roofless counterpart for the MC12-successor like so many other high performance two-doors on sale today, yet doing so has allowed Maserati to be on a level playing field not before they cease to produce gas-powered vehicles. And boy, the MC20 Cielo is one handsome roadster.

Unlike the likes of the Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet or Bentley Continental GTC, the MC20 Cielo utilizes a two-piece, retractable hard top roof as opposed to lightweight mesh. The hard top is composed of electrochromic glass that allows for an opaque or transparent appearance because of an electric current. Maserati claims the Cielo is 143 pounds heavier than the Coupe; despite this, the MC20 Cielo can retract its hard top in a mere 12 seconds.

Performance for this entry-level, topless supercar remains largely unchanged in relation to the MC20 Coupe. The MC20 Cielo features the same Nettuno V6 that pumps out 621 horsepower and 538 lbs/ft of torque sent to the rear wheels exclusively via an eight-speed dual clutch automatic transmission. All of this power translates to a 3-second-flat 0-60 run, and a top speed in excess of 200 miles per hour.

However, the monocoque has been modified to increase rigidity so it will best suit the extra weight the Cielo carries. This has been conducted by differing distribution and layering of carbon fiber. Other Cielo-only aspects are its speedster roof humps, a large Trident decal engulfing the engine bay, and a lack of Trident-like air intake vents to cool the engine.

Once the butterfly doors of the Cielo have been opened, drivers get to choose between a variety of drive modes via a center-placed switch, including Wet, Sport, and Corsa among others. A fleet of safety features such as traffic sign recognition, a 360-degree camera, automatic emergency braking, and blind-spot monitoring have made their way into this roofless MC20. 

Pricing has not been disclosed as of publication. Judging by the MC20 Coupe’s price tag of $212,000, we can assume the Cielo will eclipse its non-convertible counterpart in price.


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