The Shmeemobiles Collection has officially been appraised and I can’t even count that high!

They’ve done Hoovie’s Garage, they’ve done Stradman, and the VINWiki appraisal team is still at it! And this week’s collection is a real doozy.

You might be familiar with the “Shmeemobiles“, Tim “Shmee” Burton’s eye-popping collection of some of the world’s most incredible cars. Nestled between his more “sensible” Ford Focus RS Heritage and Renault Clio 1.2 is a McLaren Senna, Ford GT, and a few AMG Black Series cars to round out the 19-car dream team. Considering only 500 Sennas and just over 1300 GTs were ever made should give you an idea that the final number will not be a small one.


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