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Brabus P 900 Rocket: Half G-Class, half pick-up, 100% beastly

Famed German tuner Brabus have made some rather unusual modified versions of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class over its 30-year relationship with the vehicle but they’ve never made a low-slung pickup truck quite like the P 900 Rocket. The 900 horsepower half-G-Class, half-pickup is one of Brabus’ most powerful vehicles and also among its most limited. Only 10 of them comprise the full P 900 production run.

The visual changes Brabus made in the P 900 are anything but bashful and are in sharp contrast to the standard G-Class. The P 900 Rocket shares the mini-truck body style with Brabus’ 800 Adventure XLP in addition to a lower 80.9-inch ride height and considerably wider fenders. Brabus continues the sporty, menacing theme as the tuner compliments the beastly V8 with a “PowerView” carbon fiber hood exposing the engine. Extensive use of carbon fiber makes way to the rear, including the diffuser and wheel covers.

Modifications under the hood are just as prominent as those outside. What lies beneath the PowerView hood is a 4.5-liter, twin-turbocharged V8 churning out a frightening 900 horsepower and 922 pound-feet of torque. This power is sent to all four wheels by a nine-speed automatic. Displacement is up half of a liter in relation to the stock G-Class, and its turbochargers have been swapped out for increased boost pressure.

The real-world performance this beast of a vehicle has to offer is even more astonishing. Although the P 900 Rocket has gained 353 lbs, its 0-62 has been reduced to 3.7 seconds and its top speed increased to a limited 174 mph. Yes — limited to 174 mph.

The P 900 Rocket’s cabin is equally as exuberant as the exterior styling and extreme performance. A heavy dose of “Seashell Diamond” quilted leather spans far and wide from the upholstered seats to footwells and contrasts the equally shouty and abundant 200+ “Rocket Red” accented components. All seats are heated and ventilated, and those up front feature screens on the seat backs for rear-passenger use. The icing on the cake undeniably is the carbon fiber and Brabus logos that are nearly as prominent as quilted leather.

The 10 P 900 Rockets will be priced at $623,420 each with current exchange rates.


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