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Nico Rosberg has been fired from a German TV show

2016 Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg has been a divisive figure as of late. He has been noticeably distant (and even absent on many occasions) from Sky’s F1 coverage due to not wanting to get the COVID vaccine. Whilst that’s more than controversial enough, this next piece of news has raised even more questions about him. Rosberg was an investor on the German TV show Die Höhle der Löwen, a German equivalent of Shark Tank (or Dragon’s Den, if you’re British). However, he’s been sacked from the show and the reasoning behind why could be seen as pretty damning!

According to reports from the German media, Rosberg was fired due to not being very good as an actual businessman. “[Rosberg] can sell well as a private label,” said German news outlet Bild about the situation, “but has little entrepreneurial skill.” In the 5 years he was an investor on the show, he struck 11 deals but 5 of them fell through in post-show talks. Ouch.

So, what’s next for the former F1 champ? Likely a continuation of what he’s already been doing in the last couple of years. His Extreme E team is doing well and his annual Greentech festival in Berlin seems to be a successful attraction. He also has his YouTube and social media channels, which attract a big global audience. So, essentially, it’ll be business as usual for Nico Rosberg. That is, unless, he’s still dead set on not getting the COVID vaccine…


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