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The last Ford Escort Cosworth ever made has been auctioned

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The Ford Escort Cosworth has become one of the most hallowed fast Fords ever made. As a result, they’ve become incredibly collectible. Whilst this is the case for all older fast Fords, the cossie is one that collectors really want. It’s no surprise, then, that some serious bidding went in when this one in particular went up for sale!

You see, this Escort Cosworth is no ordinary cossie. It’s the last one that was ever made! Formerly owned by Dieter Hahne, a former manager of Ford’s Special Vehicle Engineering (SVE) department, it’s a little bit different from the typical cossies you may have seen. The easiest difference that you can see is that it has the bonnet of a 1993 model year Escort instead of one from a 1991 model year. This is because this car was specially built after the regular production line ended and the 1991-spec bonnets were no longer available from the factory. It also has a unique VIN number, due to it being a specially-built car.

The car initially got delivered to a project manager at Karmann (the company who built the Escort Cosworth for Ford) and was used by him for 2 years, driving it around on trade plates. Hahne acquired it after that and stayed in his ownership ever since. Hahne is also the one who had the unique VIN number assigned to the car, as it had previously been driven around on trade plates without being properly registered. Hahne decided this year, at the age of 80, that he wanted to see the car go to another enthusiast so that it could be properly taken care of. As a result, this incredibly unique cossie ended up going under the hammer!

This Escort Cosworth actually isn’t the only special one that was made after the regular production line closed. There was one other cossie made, which was delivered to Wilhelm Karmann Jr. after it was built. Karmann Jr. was the head of the Karmann company at the time. Karmann Jr. died in 1998 and, as far as I know, the whereabouts of his special cossie are uncertain.

When it came to the end of the bidding, Hahne’s cossie ended up selling for 53,700 Euros! For comparison, that’s £46,781.83 or $54,153.76. Yup, that is a crazy amount of money for a ’90s fast Ford! But, as I’ve already said, fast Fords of all kinds do tend to end up becoming very collectible. I guess the best thing to say is that if you want a fast Ford from your childhood, you’d better get one whilst they’re still cheap!


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