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New The Grand Tour Teaser Shows The Boys Having Fun And Drinking Beer. Still No Release Date.

The boys are back with yet another teaser and it looks exactly like you’d expect: Clarkson antagonizing Hammond and having fun whilst doing so.

The teaser opens up with Jeremy on a raft in the clearest blue water I’ve ever seen. Below him is a ball. You can probably imagine where this is going.

Classic Clarkson, antagonizing Hammond (and I’m sure at another point May) just for a laugh.

But what clues does this give us about the show? Well, none really. And that’s unfortunate. At this point we still don’t have a release date, but they have said the show is nearly complete. All we can do now is await a release date and you can be SURE that we’ll be the first ones to bring you that info when we have it.

(Source: YouTube)


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