Attempt At Viral Video Fails Miserably. Becomes Viral Anyway.

It seems like you need to break something really expensive get attention on the internet nowadays. Videos of deliberate smashing of iPhones and Playstations on the first day of release seem to get a lot of attention, and not too long ago testing an item’s blend-ability seemed to be all the rage. Now the trend is pointing towards really expensive cars, whether it’s the McLaren windshield skateboarder smashing prank, or Super Speeder’s latest Ferrari repair attempt.

Rob from Super Speeders explains in the video that the Ferrari 360 Modena has a windshield vent component that tends to break from the tension of the leather pulling and stretching. To properly repair the relatively cheap item involves the removal of major assemblies that would drive up the price of the repair job. Thinking outside of the box, Rob figured it would be cheaper and a lot more interesting to remove the windshield via a Louisville Slugger bat, make the repair, and replace it with an entirely new windshield.

What Rob seemed to have forgotten before smashing the windshield was that the glass was tempered, and breaking it takes a lot of effort even with a baseball bat. He then drove the half-busted windshield to the repair location for its replacement, only to be surprised by the state of the windshield replacement. Let this be a lesson to all: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it… but if you want to break it, make sure your replacement ain’t broken also.”

(Source: Youtube)


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