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How To Watch The Grand Tour For Free

The films have been shot, the trailer has been made, the live tent sessions are in progress, and the very first episode of The Grand Tour is almost here. This will be a joyous time for many fans of the old Top Gear run by Andy Wilman, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, but the fact that the program can only be seen via Amazon Prime, which requires a $99 (£79 a year or £5.99 a month) yearly subscription, means that a lot of people won’t be able to see it. But there are options and we feel many people won’t like it.

Here are some methods on how you can watch The Grand Tour for free:

  • For UK people, wait for a long time until it goes on ITV.

ITV’s head of studios, Kevin Lygo, just mentioned that he desires to have the show that’s costing Amazon almost $200 million over the next three years on the television screens. But there are caveats, as reported by the Mirror

He plans to watch it when the show launches and, if he likes what he sees, come up with a bid.

“We’ll take a view when we’ve seen it – if it’s for offer, what’s the price?” he explained at a Bafta event.

“The trailer looks extraordinary. Like him or not like him, Jeremy is an incredible broadcaster and a unique presenter and voice.”

“So yeah, I’m sure if it’s all great we would like to have it.”

He believes that Amazon may be keen to strike a deal in order to recoup some of the enormous cost.

And he believes the initial audience is likely to be a fraction of the six million who used to watch Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May on BBC1’s Top Gear.

“The truth is so few people will see it,” Lygo says. “Amazon will be delighted if a million people watch it and I suspect there’s an audience of five million for a show like that.”

“The whole point of it being on Amazon is it forces you to go and get an Amazon stick but we will, delightfully, be able to watch it and then take a view.”

jeremy-clarkson-amazon-fire-tv-stick-commercialWe feel there may be a similar deal that can materialize over in the States. There’s just a big potential to be had here to share the trio’s adventures to the over 300 million people in America. And it’s not like Americans are strangers to the three British guys, they’ve been on a fantastic 60 minutes documentary before and have also been seen on our late night shows.

  • Wait for 8 weeks. Get the Amazon Prime One Month Free Trial

We feel most people won’t like this either because it also requires some wait time, albeit not as long as waiting for it to get on TV. Regardless, there will be 12 episodes for the first season, with the first one airing on Friday, November 18th. If you wait for 8 weeks and sign up for the Amazon Prime one month free trial on the 9th week, you’ll be able to catch the rest of The Grand Tour live as it airs until the very last one comes out on Friday, February 3rd.

When you do sign up for the free trial you’ll be able to catch up and binge on the first 8 Grand Tour episodes, which should provide you plenty of entertainment as you wait for each Friday to roll around.

If this is your preferred way of watching The Grand Tour for free, then click here and sign up when the time is right.

  • Have The Grand Tour Watching Parties

the grand tour - south africa - clarksonThis is probably more tolerable than waiting for it to air. Now is the time to call up your friends and family members who may have access to Amazon Prime and start making plans on watching it together when it airs. This may not be the most convenient for people to watch the program, but this might be the best and most fun option available. There’s nothing better than watching three best friends go on an adventure while you’re sitting around with your own friends. If you don’t have friends, well, we don’t know what to tell you other than, the next option might be your best bet.

  • Wait Until Shifting Lanes Gives You The Play By Play

This totally doesn’t count as watching The Grand Tour, but all of us at Shifting Lanes has our Amazon Prime subscription locked and loaded, and you can guarantee that we’ll be watching it the second (literally the second) it becomes available. We will report on the play by play right here as each episode unfolds and give you a spoiler-filled synopsis so that you can talk about it with your friends/mates/coworkers the next day. You can always catch the summaries and other stories about the three stooges on our The Grand Tour page. Check it, favorite it, and browse it until your heart’s content.

Until November 18th rolls around, why don’t you have another gander at what you can expect to see:

(Source: The Mirror)


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