Ken Block’s New Drift Short Film Might Be Better Than Any Gymkhana

If you don’t know who Ken Block is, you’ve not been on the internet in the last few years. Block is now famous for his Gymkhana films where he terrorizes small and large cities as well as provides all the slidey action one could expect from a drifting rallycross car. The videos and pure entertainment and have elevated Block to international recognition.

Block’s other car, the now 1400hp custom classic Mustang call the Hoonicorn, is about to take on an even bigger challenge. Block just released ths new trailer for his next video and it’s going to be called “Climbkhana.” Why? Because he’s taking the hoonicorn and drifting it all the way up Pikes Peak. If you don’t know what that is, it’s arguably the most famous hill climb in the entire world and people come from all over the globe to compete in the climb each and every year.

This is what Pikes Peak looks like.

It is certifiably insane. They paved Pikes Peak in full back in 2011 after the Sierra club lost a battle to keep the highway as a dirt road. Ever since, they’ve had record numbers of entrants into the race. It’s amazing that block is going to do this and if it hadn’t been paved this likely would have never happened.

I don’t know about you, but I’m insanely excited to see this one come in summer of 2017.

(Source: YouTube)


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