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McLaren Gets A Documentary That Racing Fans Will Love

The McLaren car company has gone through a long journey to become the iconic supercar company that it is today. But long before it became the company that produced the venerable McLaren F1, the McLaren 675 LT, and the rest of the cars in the Sports, Super, and the Ultimate series, it was a racing company. And it all began with Bruce McLaren, a boy from New Zealand that grew up in a service station, tinkering, restoring, and working around cars all of his early life. He eventually started racing at a very young age and worked his way up through the F2 series. During the German Grand Prix in Nürburgring, where F2 and F1 series competed together, he stunned the racing world by coming in first in the F2 series and fifth overall in the field.

Now his amazing story has been put together into a documentary that racing fans and automotive enthusiasts will love. If you enjoyed books like Go Like Hell, by A.J. Baime, the same Ford vs. Ferrari story as chronicled by The Grand Tour, and movies like Rush, you’re certainly going to love this documentary. It covers an era of motorsports where safety was an afterthought and adding more and more horsepower was the recipe for success. These drivers weren’t drivers at all, they were pilots riding missiles. We can’t wait to see more movies covering this era, and this Bruce McLaren documentary will certainly quench our thirst.

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