What Do Germans Think Of The Mustang?

Love of the Ford Mustang is now global. Although it’s only been on sale for a short time, the Mustang has had a huge impact on Germany. It turns out the Germans can’t resist cheap horsepower making the Ford Mustang the top selling car in its segment. The 5.0 liter American V8 has no borders as it takes the world by storm. So, how do the discerning Germans like driving America’s icon? Well, the team at Everyday Driver finds out.

The short answer is, they love it. Burnouts don’t need a translator and neither does an affordable V8. We may think the Germans want a soft touch interior and luxury but what they really want is speed. German performance cars are quite expensive. The Ford Mustang is very affordable. German’s want to go fast like the rest of us. So, it works.

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The Mustang may lack some of the composure of European sports cars but it’s not too far off. The initial turn in my reveal its GT roots but the Mustang can eat up a back road. It’s also very good on the autobahn where a big V8 and a 164mph top speed can be exercised. It turns out America’s favorite muscle car fits in quite nicely in Germany.

Affordable performance aside, the Mustang’s icon status makes it a celebrity in Germany. In America, we are desensitized to muscle cars. Everywhere you look muscle cars roam our streets but in the Germany, they are rare. It’s comparable to the R32 Nissan GTR coming to the states. Americans knew about them through pop culture but they were forbidden on our streets and when they were finally legal, people went crazy for them. Since the Mustang is such a popular global icon it’s no wonder the Germans bought over 7,000 Mustangs in 2016. The best part is 80% of those cars were GTs even though the Ecoboost Mustang was designed to appeal to Europeans.

Sure the Ford Mustang seems a little outdated compared to German sports cars. But for a fraction of the price, the Mustang offers a capable package with 5.0 Liters of autobahn shredding democracy. After years of waiting the Germans can finally enjoy a true American muscle car and remember why affordable performance cars matter.


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